I'm a clinical psychologist who writes mental health thrillers.

Author Heath Sommer’s debut novel, The Manufactured Identity, surprised critics with its plot twists and psychologically rich characters in 2009, and books two and three (The Grand Delusion & The Human Obsession) of the suspense series have met with similar acclaim since their publication in early and late 2010. Heath is currently writing book four of the series, crafting a tale of forensic psychology and, of course, murder. He also releasing his first YA thriller, Bull Trout Lake, a forest mystery set to ruin camping for all his children. Bull Trout Lake is in press and scheduled for a late summer/fall release.

Heath earned his Ph.D. in clinical psychology with an additional degree in the family sciences. He is a regular public speaker, adjunct professor of psychology, and practicing clinical psychologist. He spends his time with a mixture of metropolitan intensity and country living, presiding over a clan of junior novelists who are never fully impressed.